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Small groups where everyone can practice and speak out. Boost your confidence and master French in real life contexts.
Many of our topics align with the themes commonly used in the exams. Get ready for the speaking part.

Become a confident speaker with our native teachers

Say no to boring lessons. Appreciate our interactive forms: roleplays, debates, discussions, creative tasks.
Duration of the club sessions
allows the convenient time planning and immersion into the topic.

At our Conversation Clubs, our certified FLE teachers, native French speakers, curate engaging themes, dialogues, and activities conducted via Zoom

60 minutes
4-6 people in group
DELF/DALF exam topics
Interactive tasks
Every week is dedicated to a specific topic
How it works
During the session, the teacher gives new words and expressions, and corrects mistakes
After the session, the students get personalized feedback
Choose your Club option
B1-C2 levels
4 Clubs for 60 minutes each with our experienced instructors, native French speakers
4 Clubs package
a valuable feedback,
personalized growth insights,
engaging themes,
dialogues, and activities
B1-C2 levels
12 Clubs package
/ 4 clubs
12 Clubs for 60 minutes each with our experienced instructors, native French speakers
a valuable feedback,
personalized growth insights,
engaging themes,
dialogues, and activities
/ 12 clubs
Conversation Clubs for
Exclusively available on our Intensive Course.
The program has been designed to help you improve your French and give you the opportunity to immediately apply your speaking skills even with the limited vocabulary.
A1-A2 level students
Assess your language level
Answer 40 questions and know the result immediately. It only takes 7 minutes!
Discover what our students say
Conversation Clubs
Conversation Clubs
Conversation Clubs
Conversation Clubs
I never knew these classes will really help me and gain the confidence to talk French so quickly especially in 1/2 hours of the class our teacher Fabien makes sure we talk in French and communicate as much as possible. He is open to translating every word in English if you don’t understand. The French learning excises are given in such a practical way that you end up remembering what words are after classes and Fabien keeps revising the in the coming up french conversations as well ! Fabien gives us real time examples of how to talk and react to situation in conversation in French. These classes really helped to gain confidence and at-least talk in French and move around !
The small class size made me feel relaxed. It was fun to talk about a different topic every week. Also, the topics were all useful for my daily life!
Conversation Clubs
J'ai participé aux clubs de conversations en 2023 et maintenant ils me manquent beaucoup. Car ils sont devenu une réunion amicale, tout en apprenant/améliorant notre français. Notre petit groupe a toujours bien profité pendant les clubs, avec Fabien et Claire qui étaient très chaleureux et marrants:)
Grâce aux clubs de conversation j'ai appris plein d'expressions typiques et je me sens plus à l’aise de parler français maintenant.
Conversation Clubs
Fabien, en tant que professeur, il sait très bien enseigner la langue Française aux étudiants étrangers. Quand j’ai rejoint le club de conversation, je me sui dit “J’aurais aimé commencer plus tôt”. Fabien est très amical, convivial, compétent et amusant. Nous ne nous sommes jamais ennuyés en classe, et le temps a passé très rapidement. Je suis vraiment heureuse de vous rencontrer. C'est franchement nickel! Je recommande énormement que chaque étudiant étranger venant en France rejoigne le club de conversation de Fabien:)
Conversation Clubs
J'aimais beaucoup les thèmes de cours que Fabien a choisi, les activités qu'il propose et l'ambiance de leçons. Je suis convaincue que chaque personne qui veut s'exprimer couramment en français sans crainte doit essayer de participer au Club de conversation.
Conversation Clubs
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